The (UN)Importance of Logo Design

No business owner wants to hear this, or believe this, no one, other than you really cares about your logo! Sorry, but it’s true.

As a web/graphic designer, I have often been asked to create a logo for a small business’ website. A service which I do offer and gladly provide. However, I have seen way to many clients get bogged down in the design process for their logo and spend countless hours trying to perfect it. Yes, you want an attractive logo, you want something you can be proud of, but in all honesty your logo just isn’t really all that important. Think of all the small and medium sized companies you do business with. Can you tell me, from memory, what even one of their logos looks like? I am guessing the answer is “no”. That’s not saying a logo is meaningless, just that it’s importance is that great. Unless the logo is incredibly bad or amateurish, no one but the owner/business cares about it.

Just like a website, the look is important and it should be neat, clean and professional, but your customers are much more interested in what you can do for them, not what your logo (or website for that matter) looks like. Customers are a self-centered group of individuals (and they are entitled to be since they are the ones putting money in your pocket). They don’t care about you, they care about themselves. Deliver what a customer wants – a clean look, an easy to navigate site and lots of info about what you do or what you sell.

Don’t forget, content is king, looks are secondary!

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